Mansfield  Fire Museum 
and Education Center
1265 W 4th Street Mansfield, Ohio 44906

The Never Ending Adventure beginning in 1987. With just an idea, the Mansfield Fire Museum was born.

Many years ago Mansfield Firemen were called to duty by a large fire bell in the fire tower. Originally they were volunteers and had to be summoned from their homes. The large bell could be heard from all over town. When a new fire station was built in 1925, the bell was removed from the old station and placed in Central Park. It remained there until October of 1993 when it was moved to the Museum.
This bell had a prominent day in 1945. It is reported that on V-J Day, September 2nd, it was tolled for hours and hours to celebrate the victory over Japan in World War II.
The clapper of the bell was removed  sometime after that as a result of mischievous persons ringing it at all 
hours of the night.

With the purchase of the former Five cousins Department store in 1989, the museum had a home. After two years of basic building repairs, work on the Museum began in earnest. Although progress seemed slow, especially after a few minor setbacks, the Museum opened October 12, 1994. 
Even though the Museum was open, there were some things left unfinished. Some still remain that way as new ideas are continually being developed. It is now apparent that the Mansfield Fire Museum will never be a finished product. It will continue to grow and change as new ideas, equipment, and displays come.

~ G.L. Williams
Original Director of the Mansfield Fire Museum 


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